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"We've got us some crime to be done." ~ Malcolm Reynolds

Note: New stories are at the bottom, because my brain is depressingly linear. Except for sequels, which go with the original fic. Also, this page is divided into flashfics and longer fics, because my brain can handle writing short Firefly stuff when it can't in any other 'verse. Loser brain.



175 words
Kaylee POV. It has nothing to do with anything.


200 words.
Off-the-cuff, darkish, Jaynecentered (of course). Setting Zoe's thoughts on the subject aside, I can't really believe Jayne would like being a leader all that much.

He Misses Her

300 words
Simon while River is gone.


250 words
Jayne reflects on River, post-"Trash."

In Her Hands

500 words
Kaylee gets tired too.


~500 words
Regan Tam, thinking about her children.

Don't Be Afraid

~500 words
Written for the prompt "River and Jayne, in space suits, floating in space, all alone."

Full-Length Fics:

Salvage Mission

Futurefic. Mal doesn't leave his crew behind. Not ever.


Sequel to "Salvage Mission." Slash pairing toward the end. Jayne and the others readjust to each other and life on Serenity.

Five Things That Might've Happened (To Jayne Cobb)

Gen; Jayne
A variation on one of my favorite fic structures out there, the "Five Things That Never Happened" story. Only this is five things that could have happened, based on what little canon we have. And since I'm obsessed, it's all about Jayne. Five scenes from his life before signing on with Serenity.

Whiskey Girl

Because they belong together, dammit.
This story includes strip poker, whiskey, sex and violence. Hey, it's JAYNE AND KAYLEE. What do you expect?

A Dream Before Sleeping

Well, it was bound to happen sometime. I wrote something that isn't All About Jayne.
River POV; her perceptions of the rest of the Serenity crew.

The Wine Ceremony

Gen; Inara
There are anniversaries other than Unification Day.

First Aid For Beginners

It's nice to have a doctor on board...but it was kind of nice not having one, too.

The Living

A dark twisty take on a pairing that's kind of twisted anyway. Darkness, madness, loneliness, despair.

Empirical Data

This one's more comic than twisted. Okay, it's a little twisted. I've seen too many movies that were meant for teenage boys.

Captain's Privilege

Mal hates it when his crew doesn't tell him what's going on.


Written for the 2004 "Serenity Santa" project on LiveJournal. Those other two Rayne fics were me practicing the pairing that my Santee requested; this was the final gift. I opted to go with "angst."

All Quiet On The Starboard Front

Gen; Mal
In which Mal learns the true meaning of Christmas. Or something. As the title implies, there are also memories of the war. Merry Christmas, Malcolm Reynolds. And God bless us, every one!


Simon/Inara; friendship
Sometimes you just want to talk to someone who speaks the same language, who gets the jokes, who appreciates the rare and extremely odd foods from back home.

Eight Feet Down

Jayne; gen
Everybody dies, so you might as well be the one doing the killing for as long as you can.

Like Poetry

Jayne/Kaylee friendship
Kaylee thinks Simon wants culture; she doesn't realize she has one of her own.

In Self-Defense

Jayne/Kaylee pre-shippiness
Post-"Objects In Space," Kaylee has some learning to do.

Sing, O Muse, And Tell Me The Story

Warning: Familiarity with The Iliad is advisable for reading this. (Having seen the movie Troy will suffice as 'familiarity.') Looking at the crew through another lens.

Taking The Sky

Post-"Objects In Space." Kaylee tries to put her world back in order.


Pure angst. He doesn't smile, he doesn't blink, he doesn't move. He just looks at her.

Her Game, Her Rules

Jayne/Kaylee; NC-17
Jaylee smut is fun for everyone! P-very much-WP.


The exception to my shortish-angsty-vignette rule: a long angsty plotty thing! At the risk of sounding pretentious, I tagline it thus:
In everyone's life, there's the family you're born to and the family you choose.

Sharp-Dressed Man

Sometimes, to evade the law, drastic measures must be taken. Sometimes these measures will involve humiliating Simon. I'm sure the crew feels really bad about it.

Definitions of the Gross and the Sacred, From the Mind of a Mad Woman-Child

Gen; River
She watches them, from her corners and shadows and out-of-the-way places, the eight breathing parts that make the shell around them Serenity and not merely Firefly-class.

Holy Water

There will never be a normal, ordinary day on Serenity- much to Mal's dismay.

Best Girl

A request went forth on LiveJournal: "Mal, Book, and a bottle of hooch." And "the love of Mal's life." Of course, there's only one being in the 'verse who fits THAT description.

Mr. Brightside (The Simon/Jaylee Remix)

Songfic, based on "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers. It's all in Simon's head.

Hard Time

Gen; Jayne and Wash
Jayne. Wash. Prison. Bonding.


Gen; Simon and the Tam siblingship
And if it comes to it, he will kill for her; and if it comes to it, he will die for her. He doesn’t question either of those things, the cold truths that underlie their lives out here.


Gen; Mal (with implied Mal/Tracey)
Post-"The Message," Mal reflects.


Zoe; pre-Zoe/Wash
She’s kept her heart on a very short leash for a very long time, and when she gives it the order to forget about somebody, she’s grown accustomed to being obeyed.


Jayne/Kaylee (established relationship)
Kaylee's pretty when she's mad.

The Shindig Dress

Jayne/Kaylee pre-ship
A missing scene from "Shindig" showing just how that piece of frippery got from the store window to Kaylee.


Gen; ensemble
You might have heard of tax-fic (stories written about characters doing their taxes, to alleviate the horror of the writer doing his or her own). This is exam-fic. It's also comedic fluff.


Kaylee/Simon; Kaylee/Jayne
Simon's failings as a boyfriend might turn out to be Jayne's strengths.


Inara; gen
She gets to her feet and steps close to him, her hands settling on his shoulders, fingers arcing up to catch his chin and keep him from turning away. "People make everything about that," she says softly, staring into his eyes, willing all of her sympathy to flow across her aura and into his skin. "As if sex were the only kind of love. It's so much less important than it's made out to be." Oh, child, you are not alone.


Inara & Jayne; gen
Inara needs backup. Jayne's for hire.

Whoring After Strange Gods

Book; gen
He told Captain Reynolds that he had heathens aplenty right there, on the very ship that held them.

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