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An Interpretation Of Fred

An analysis of Winifred Burkle, of Angel the Series. Summary: When the chips are down, Fred looks out for number one.

Character Roles and "Xander Harris Syndrome"

This was supposed to be an essay about Charles Gunn. It didn't stay there. A consideration of the character-development process on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series

The Agony of Redemption (And The Thrill Of Leather Pants)

Written for the "Ship Manifesto" community on LiveJournal. An examination of the pairing of Angel and Faith.

Of Choice and Sacred Duty: Heroes, Champions, and Sacrifice

Written for the Essaython on LiveJournal. Attempts to analyze and discuss the differences between a hero and a champion. Note the word "attempts."

Beauty and the Beast

Written for the Angel site Deep In. A look at Fred and Angel's relationship, from Pylea to "A Hole In The World."


Firefly as The Odyssey (In Space)

The title pretty much sums it up. In which I compare-and-contrast Firefly and its featured captain, Mal Reynolds, with Homer's The Odyssey and the great Odysseus. No word on which would win in a fight.

Hero of Canton

Written for the "Idol Reflection" community on LiveJournal. A character analysis of Jayne Cobb.

Gears and Guns

Written for the "Ship Manifesto" community on LiveJournal. Exploring the Jayne/Kaylee (aka Jaylee) pairing.

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