Exaggeration and Blank Verse
Battlestar Galactica
Horatio Hornblower
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series

Jayne doesn’t scream.

This is a fact, one of the certainties of the universe, something Kaylee’s never even had to think about. She’s always just known. Jayne doesn’t scream.

But he’s screaming now, cries of agony ringing through the cellblock, and no matter how she twists and turns she can’t block the sound out of her ears.

She knows why they’re being allowed to hear him screaming- the bastards want the sound to creep into their hearts, to make them afraid. It’s working.

If they can make Jayne scream like that, Simon doesn’t stand a chance. They’ll break Wash and Zoe quickly. Not even the Captain can hold out against something that makes Jayne scream. And she hates herself for it, but she’s glad to know that they’ll break first, long before the bastards come to try to get the information out of her. She won’t be the one who tells them where Inara and River went. They’ll know long before it‘s her turn. Very soon. Maybe they even know now- Jayne isn’t screaming anymore.

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