Exaggeration and Blank Verse
Don't Be Afraid
Battlestar Galactica
Horatio Hornblower
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series

"Don't be afraid."

She keeps saying that, every few minutes, her voice whisper-soft and a little crackly over the radio. Adrift in space, the tether between her suit and his the only connection to anything in the verse, and the crazy girl says not to be afraid.

"Jayne. You don't have to worry."

Suffocate. Freeze to death. Get exposed to the vacuum if the suit gives way. Get sucked into the grav well of a sun- or the engine turbine of a ship- ruttin' hell, crazy girl, why shouldn't he worry?

"They'll come for us."

She's so gorram sure. Not a doubt in the verse for Miss Supergenius, cherished and cared for and treated extra-special since she was born. Course she can't even imagine folks might not come for her.

"Simon has elephants on his sleeping-shorts. They never forget."

Now is a hell of a time to introduce thoughts about the doc's underpants.

"Don't be afraid."

He wants to turn and face her, scream at her to shut up and quit saying that, but they're in space and they're tied together and if he fires the jet to turn they'll both just end up spinning through forever.


She's used the tether to tug herself close to him, close enough to take his hand. With the other, she's pointing out into the black.

"Look at the stars, Jayne. Eyes of souls gone before, watching over us."

Thought they were big damn balls of fire and burning gas.

"Yes, that too, but have a little faith, Jayne. Or at least a little poetry in your soul."

Faith, huh. In what, stars and Simon's undershorts?

"Yes. Exactly."

She sounds pretty gorram proud, like a stupid kid's learned a basic lesson.

"I'm here with you, Jayne."

Hard to tell through the gloves, but she might be squeezing his hand.

"Don't be afraid."

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