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"It wouldn't be like that!"
"It would be just like that." ~ The Duchess and the Devil

The Undiscovered Shore

Angsty futurefic vignette. Horatio reflects; title comes from the fact that a sailor might not be all that interested in Mr. Shakespeare's undiscovered country. Spoilers for "Retribution."

Lives and Deaths of Archie Kennedy (Five Things That Never Happened)

Five divergences of his path, moving backwards from point of death.

The Visitor

Horatio/Archie implied/assumed, as you choose
Futurefic. Horatio carries on a certain tradition for as long as he can bear it.

On The Occasion Of Archie Kennedy's Examination For Lieutenant

Archie takes his examination. Horatio realizes this might precipitate a change in their situation. Sweet-ish semi-smut ensues.


Written for the "All The World's A Stage" Elizabethan drama quote challenge on LiveJournal.
El Ferrol-set; Archie hides how broken he is, but can't lie to himself about the connections between present and past.

With All Due Respect

Silly, probably OOC bored, horny sailor-boys ficlet, Indie-era.

Renown Triptych
These three fics are set before the movie "Mutiny." They stand alone, but in my mind they all fit together. Horatio/Archie slash, more explicit in the later ones, though in my fic, the H/A slash is always assumed.


"We've two things in abundance on Renown, Horatio," Archie said, moving to the sideboard and opening a bottle of wine. He held it solemnly up in the air for my regard. "Spirits and human misery. Care to lay a wager on which will run out first?"


Hurt/comfort, and paranoia.


Set after the on-deck shower in "Mutiny."

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