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"...and they have a plan." ~episode prologue

Coming Down

Apollo, gen
Short post-"33" vignette.

Lights A Candle

Original character; gen
Written for the "Common People" challenge on LiveJournal, which was a prompt to write fic about any of the ordinary citizens of the fleet.

Blood Will Tell

Apollo & Zarek; gen
Post-"Kobol's Last Gleaming pt. 2" (with spoilers). A conversation about gods and men.


Helo POV; Apollo/others (offscreen)
Memories of the training-days.


Apollo; gen
Apollo/angst is my personal BSG OTP. Short, unclear timeline-wise; a basic fact filters its way through his mind and shakes his world's foundations.


Apollo; gen
The Cylons didn't take prisoners. Everybody knew that.
Warning- torture.


Either a missing scene from "Bastille Day" or just a twisted AU for that ep. Warning for general unpleasantness.

Praying For The Dead

Original character & Apollo; gen
Written for the "Common People" challenge on LiveJournal. Probably doomed-to-be-discredited take on Colonial religion, death, and forgiveness. The very idea of saying prayers for so many dead is ludicrous, and yet we do; the god we serve is a demanding master.


Apollo & Tigh; gen
Set post-"33"
We're not jumping anymore, though; we're regrouping. Half of the crew has already been released from duty and crawled off to their racks. The other half is clawing out the rest of this shift on relief and sheer inertia.

Fit To Wear The Uniform

Apollo; gen
Lee graduates from flight school.
Beginning and ending quotes from Bruce Springsteen's "The River."

Losing Faith

Apollo, gen
Written for the "All The World's A Stage" Elizabethan-drama quote challenge on LiveJournal.
Lee doesn't pray anymore, after Zak dies.


I go for comedy! I let Lee smile for once!
He said that he read Zarek's book, but he never said why...

Lee/Zarek Triptych

Three ficlets- "Game," "Free Fall," and "In Victory"- exploring a hypothetical scenario. "Game" and "Free Fall" are sequential and take place after the episode "Resistance." "In Victory" is a coda to them that follows the episode "Home." Note- "Game" was originally a stand-alone, which is why there is a tense shift between it and "Free Fall." Warning for sex of ambiguous consent.

The First Night In Exile

Relying on the mercy of Tom Zarek; immediately post-"Resistance."


Written for the "first time" challenge at the Shag the CAG community on LiveJournal. Personal, possibly absurd fanon about teenage Lee. Zak POV.
Phthonos: Greek spirit of jealousy and envy.

Sins Lie Unatoned

Warning: This story contains incest.
William Adama/Lee Adama

Goes AU at "You Can't Go Home Again," assuming Kara never made it back.

Sons of Ares

Hate!sex. Yep. Set during "Home, pt. 1"


Lee and Laura, or Lee/Laura, as you choose
Set during the "on the run" portion of season 2, between "Resistance" and "Home." Looking at each other, trying to determine what they see.

Four Deaths Dodged

Written for the "Bad Cliche Made Good" ficathon on LiveJournal. My cliche was "almost-death, then true love." I twisted it a little.
Summary: The whole fleet almost dies every day.

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