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"To read is makes our speaking English good." ~ Xander Harris

Note: Newest stories are at the bottom, because my brain is depressingly linear.

Written for the Gunn Ficathon on LiveJournal. Written before the end of Angel the Series. Charles Gunn the vampire hunter and Faith the vampire Slayer, accompanied by music, food, and their own special way of dancing.

Written for the Old Skool Ficathon on LiveJournal. Cordelia tries to find out what might have been.


Set post-"Why We Fight." Xander makes a trip to LA.

Walking On The Moon

Set on July 20, 1969.


Warning: Rapefic. AU for the AtS episode 4.14, "Salvage."


Gen; or perhaps pre-William/Angelus
William wrote a poem about Angelus, once.

Hers And Hers Alone

It actually fits with canon, if you think about it. Set pre-Buffy the Vampire Slayer season one.

Hand Me Down

Warning: Torture and non-con. Set in an AU Buffy season four. Adam helped Spike with his chip, and he sees things differently now.

Written for the Fanged Four Ficathon on LiveJournal. Set in the 1890's. Spike and Dru are alone for the evening.


A Buffy season one AU, in which the events of "The Pack" went differently.

A Memory Of Spain

Angel/Spike; Angelus/William
Set somewhere between "You're Welcome" and "A Hole In The World," with flashbacks. Angel and Spike reminisce and angst.

Cigarette Break

Spike/Fred friendship
Just a little ficlet set after "Harm's Way" but before "You're Welcome."

Ships In The Night

Set between "Tomorrow"/"Grave" and "Deep Down"/"Lessons." Two lonely hearts, etcetera, etcetera.

The Witness

The diary of Wesley Wyndham-Pryce, in the "Birthday" 'verse, where things are different.

While The Sun Shines

Lindsey, after leaving LA.

Rain On A Tin Roof

Post-"Not Fade Away." Spike thinks about what they're doing and what it really means.

Tainted Love

Dark, twisted, quite AU. Between Wesley's idealization of Fred and the pressures of Wolfram & Hart, how could their relationship not warp, if it had been allowed to last?


Gen, references Gunn/Fred
Gunn's letter to Fred, post-"Not Fade Away."

An Unstable Noun

Gen; Fred
Nobody ever said that the spell in "Chosen" only went one way.

How She Dies

A five-drabble series set during "A Hole In The World," each from a different point of view.

Bed Of Lies

Post-"Chosen." It's the only place he can find any peace.


Between Buffy seasons two and three. A man looking for a girl in LA approaches Gunn for information.

They Say You Can't Go Home Again

Post-"Not Fade Away." A long, rambling possible future, with lots and lots of cameos and some snark.


AU for Angel season three. Fred isn't sorry, not at all, because everything makes perfect sense now.

Nairobi In The Rain

Written for the Rare Pairings challenge on LiveJournal. Not really a romantic pairing, but not quite friendship either. Xander meets a girl he's never seen before in Africa, yet she seems to know him.

Angels Fly

Futurefic, with a side helping of angst.


Post-"Chosen." They both just really need a little time.
Spoilers for Angel season five.

See You Again

Gen; mentions of Gunn/Fred
AU for Angel season 4; goes alt at season three's "Benediction." In "The Price," Gunn says that he and Fred should take a vacation, since Cordy and Groo got one. How might things have been different if they had?

Woman To Woman

Fred/Gunn; Gunn/other
Written for the "End of Days" challenge on LiveJournal- a project to come up with some form of fan tribute to every single episode of the series. This is for 3.18, "Double or Nothing." Set post-episode.

Swallowing Razor Blades

Gen; Fred
Written on Halloween 2004. Macabre little Angel season three AU.

Stranger In My House

Set during Buffy season two or three. From the POV of Xander's father. He can't sleep one night and sees something he's never noticed before.


Set between Buffy seasons four and five, and Angel seasons one and two. A meeting Cordy and Xander should have had.


Written for the Get Bit Ficathon on LiveJournal. AU for Angel season three. Dru wants to have a family again, and Spike does his best to oblige.

Flu Season

Mainly gen; slight Fred/Gunn
Little piece of s3 fluff. The title's fairly self-explanatory, hm?

Bone White and Blood Red

Mostly gen with mild Spike/Dawn
Written for the Fractured Fairytale Ficathon on LiveJournal. A twist on the story "Snow White and Rose Red," AU season 7.


Fred; various pairings
The rest of the gang thinks Fred's so innocent, but maybe they just never asked.
Slight crossover with CSI, but you don't really have to know that show to get it.

Fine Print and High Fashion

Fred and Hamilton; gen
There's a place in Hell for very special Wolfram & Hart Employees.


Xander; gen
A question was posed on LiveJournal: What if the roles at the end of "Grave" had been reversed? What if Xander had gone dark- could Willow have stopped him? This is my take on that, only not quite. Darkish, angsty.

Speaks the Truth

Gunn and Illyria; gen
300 words, set post-"Time Bomb."

On The Evening Of The End Of Days

Gunn; gen
During the 'last day' of "Not Fade Away," Gunn looks back.

Walking Through The Boneyard

Gunn; gen
Post-"Not Fade Away." You think you've seen the End of things (and that's a capital-E end, no doubt; Angel promised we were gonna raise some hell), and if things just keep going...they look different.

On The Coast Of Somewhere Beautiful

Written for the Valentine's Day Fluffython on LiveJournal. Post-"Chosen."

The English In Domestication

Written for the Giles ficathon on LiveJournal. Just a slice-of-life domestic scene. Futurefic.

Shells (A Parenthetical Remix)

Gen; Connor
Connor thinks about Illyria sometimes.

Sugar On The Glass

Strawberry margaritas, slow-dancing, comic books, and the possibility of revolutions.

Boys' Night

Gen, Angel & Gunn friendship
Written for the Friendship Ficathon on LiveJournal.


Written for the Fred Ficathon on LiveJournal. Warnings for fluffiness, schmoop, and the presence of One Tree Hill.

Put Away Childish Things

Gen, Wes
Vignettes from seasons 1, 3, and 5.

Book Magic

Written for the "Night They Never Met" ficathon on LiveJournal.

Darkness On The Edge Of Town

Set between s3 and s4. Hunting.

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