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"You know demons. It's all exaggeration and blank verse." ~Ethan Rayne

Fan fiction by inlovewithnight

This is an archive of fan fiction I have written in a variety of fictional universes. All of these universes belong to their original copyright holders, not to me. I make no profit off of any of these stories. It's just a hobby, it's all in fun. Please don't sue.

Many of these stories contain "slash"; that is to say, same-sex relationships. If that bothers you, you are more than welcome to go elsewhere.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series

This 'verse needs its own page, since it was my first and most prolific fandom.


This 'verse wound up needing its own page too. Aww, my little fandom's all grown up, how cute.

Battlestar Galactica

Another baby fandom grows up. The 2003 miniseries and 2004+ television series, not the 1970s original.

Horatio Hornblower

The A&E movies, not the original CS Forester novels.


Set post-season three. When you cross lines too many times, they start to get...well, you know.

Set pre-season three. Jack gets a day off from being undercover.


Post-3.21 "Legacy." After the events of "Blood Ties" and "Legacy," Vaughn doesn't quite know where he fits. Some Jack/Vaughn if you squint.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Room To Breathe

Nick character piece set post-s5 finale, "Grave Danger."

Degrassi: The Next Generation


Craig; gen
Coda to "Tears Are Not Enough." In which I woobify Craig beyond the powers of the mortal imagination.

Wishing August Back Again

Set mid-season 4, post-"Eye of the Tiger."
Craig wanted to pretend that this afternoon was happening in any of the three years they'd known each other, and not necessarily in this one when everything had gotten so complicated.

Fantastic Four (2005 Movieverse Only)


Egomaniacal narrator means that issues of consent are questionable. Consider that a warning.
Concept of stretching = bruising taken from the novelization of the movie; I can't take credit for that one.


Reed & Johnny friendship
Set after the big battle but before the party. Actions have consequences, what a concept...

Dressing Down

Set post-agreement, pre-trip to the space station.
The fact of the matter was that for the foreseeable future, he was living in an era of watching his ego serve as Victor Von Doom's pet, and he might as well get used to it.


Oh, that the Everlasting had not fix'd his canon 'gainst self-slaughter

Short piece of Dr. House's internal monologue on why he bothers to carry on.


Dr. Wilson thinks about the way things are with Vogler in charge. Written immediately post-"Heavy."


Good Morning, Sunshine

My own person SportsNight OTP. Just a short piece of unapologetic fluff.

The Processing Process

Dan/Casey preslash
Ah, Dan/Casey, the universal SportsNight OTP. Fluffy preslash. Casey wonders why certain questions haven't been asked. And there may be props.

Stargate: Atlantis

Rock & Roll

McKay, Sheppard, Ford, a puddle jumper, and Bruce Springsteen.


Gen; Sheppard
Filling in a gap in the episode "Conversion."
Ecdysis is the technical term for the shedding of a skin or outer covering, as with snakes or arthropods.

Star Wars


Revenge of the Sith
The extermination of the Jedi, through the eyes of one of the doomed. Spoilers for the movie.

X-Men (Movieverse)

What They Want To See

Scott Summers (Cyclops)
Inspired by one of the deleted scenes from X2 and set post-movie. I don't know comics canon, but the movies give no canon for how Scott came into his powers, so I made it up. The Scott/Logan relationship (antagonistic but with underlying, grudging respect) fascinates me, so I played with it a little here.


Scott Summers, Charles Xavier
Written for the prompt "Scott, Charles, the eternal hope of Jean rising again." Post-X2.

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All stories archived here are works of fiction. No profit is made and no copyright infringement is intended. All characters and fictional universes belong to the original copyright holder. I'm just having a little fun.

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